How to Create a Favicon and Add It to Your Website or Blog?

Favicons, also known as favorite icons is a custom icon that is associated with webpage or a blog and usually appears in the URL window, next to the web address. It also appears at the open tabs and the bookmarked links. All major types of browsers have the ability to display them.

How To create Favicon ico file?
The blog or the website owner should first of all decide on the type of icon to use. The creation of this icon can be a fun activity for many people but others can opt to look for online companies to help them in creating it. It is important that they consider this careful and select one that they will not change and something that people can remember. Once they have found the one they like, they should shrink it down to the icon size. Some can also opt to use the animated favicon but should ensure that their browsers can support it.

Users can use a favicon generator to come up with the beat type of image for their websites and blogs. The generators allow the users to come up with new icons or convert the existing format to the ICo format. The users are only required to upload the image and the generator will create its smaller version and the user will now be able to upload it on their website or blog.

Uploading to the Blog and Website
Uploading the favorite icon to the website is very easy. The user will be required to upload it to the root of the website for those who are hosted by use of their FTP program. They may also place the code to between the HTML head tags in order for the icon to appear as desired.

For those users with WordPress blogs, there is an alternative method of adding the icon. They are required to upload the file to the themes folder or add the code to the header PHP file in the theme folder.

The selection of the right type of icon for their websites will enhance their visual branding and makes it easier for the visitors to remember not only the website but also the content by glancing at it. It is therefore recommended that the users ensure they have selected the icon that reflects the content of their site.