Blog Design Inspiration for Making Your Blog More Inviting

If you’re looking to make money blogging, your blog design just might get in your way. You want to keep your visitors once they land on your blog, but sometimes, good content just isn’t enough.

So here are some tips for designing an inviting blog that keeps your visitors coming back and even signing up for a newsletter if you have one.

1. Get Rid of the “Noise”
One of the most common mistakes new bloggers make is adding a lot of animation and flash to their blog design. One or two animated graphics on your sidebar, away from the main blog content, is okay. But you don’t want so much that it interferes with your message.

Annoying colored font that’s hard to read is something else to avoid. If your blog design has black or dark color background, don’t use red, gray or another dark color for your text.

If you have a white background, stay away from yellow, orange or any other light color.

You want your visitors to be able to read your content clearly. You don’t want them straining to read or they’ll just leave.

More noise that some bloggers add are videos or audios that automatically start playing as soon as the visitor lands on the page. If it’s a short and inviting video, that’s okay, but you don’t want a long salesy type audio hitting them right away.

Any of this “noise” can make your visitors leave as soon as they get there – and never come back.

2. Keep Your Content Fresh
If you’re new to blogging, you should be adding fresh new content at least three times a week, if not more often. You need to keep the search engines coming back to crawl your site and you want your readers to keep coming back for more new information.

If you’re only adding new blog content once a month or so, your blog will look stale and unused to the search engines and to your visitors.

3. Add Graphics and Video
Another way to enhance your blog design to keep your visitors coming back is to add some relevant and interesting graphics and videos. It’s always a good idea to embed a video into your blog posts.

4. Stick to Your Blog’s Main Topic
If you’re blogging about gardening, don’t add blogs about car repair. You’ll confuse your visitors and you might even lose some of them forever.

Gardening and cooking are related topics so you can blog about what you do with your fresh garden vegetables.

Or if your gardening is about flowers and other landscaping, you can add some blog posts about those things.

5. Make Your Content Readable
Some people who are new to blogging may not have the best writing skills. I’ve seen blogs where the paragraphs just keep going on and on with no paragraph breaks.

This makes reading really hard for your visitors. So keep your paragraphs short.

Adding bolded sub-headlines to your paragraphs will help readers skim through your content too. Bolded subheadings adds some style to your blog design too.

If you follow these tips, you’ll have a blog that’s inviting, attractive and appealing not only to your visitors, but to the search engines too.