And You Thought Animated Ink Blots Were For Kids – Think Again

The hackers, sploggers, spammers, and now the splotchers are all part of the new digital age. So, you’ve probably heard of the Captcha Codes, those are the questions they ask prior to posting a comment on blog, Internet forum, or a news article that you wish to comment on. Well, it appears that all the artificial intelligent software programmers have figured a way to beat those systems.

According to an interesting article in New Scientist Tech on Nov 3, 2009 titled; “Animated ink-blot images keep unwanted bots at bay,” the article stated that now that you’re using these inkblots, which are animated, and keep changing as Captcha Codes. Interestingly enough, someone from India, who teaches future animation students who will be working on projects of outsourced animation from US studios, came up with the idea at the Indian Institute of technology in Delhi.

This might be the answer to stop all the sploggers and spammers and turn us all into a bunch of splatter splotchers, as we take a visual look at the ever changing inkblot images on the page, prior to posting our user information. Personally, I can tell you this having run blogs, and Internet forums with tens of thousands of posts, if this works, it could revolutionize interactive websites online.

After all, it pays to stay one step ahead of those who would go out of their way to ruin our online communication, merely to post their garbage and trash all over our society’s digital written record. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this, and if it gets to be widespread use, I hope you will use this on your website as well, because I believe it to be a great idea. Please think on this.